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Powerwave Technologies
Feb. 16, 2010

Supports Comprehensive Wideband Wireless Coverage for Areas
Such as Subways, Airports and Stadiums

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010, BARCELONA, Booth 8b109 – Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a global leader in end-to-end wireless coverage and capacity solutions, today introduced its Fiber Base Unit (FBU), a flexible and modular platform for wideband coverage distributed antenna systems (DAS), designed to support wireless coverage in a range of venues including subways, airports, office buildings, shopping malls and stadiums.
As mobile users continue to demand seamless wireless access wherever they roam, dedicated in-building coverage systems are the ideal solution for improving quality of service. Critical market requirements for these systems include flexibility, broadband functionality, easy installation and swift upgrades to ensure a future-proof solution. Powerwave’s FBU – which converts and reconverts RF signals to optical signals – is easy to install and maintain, and provides network operators, integrators and OEMs with a cost-effective, configurable and multi-standard system for feeding in-building coverage solutions based on Powerwave’s Nexus FT and fiber optical repeaters.

“Operators are always challenged with providing comprehensive coverage, especially in settings such as urban centers, transportation systems and terminals,” said Khurram P. Sheikh, chief product and development officer, Powerwave Technologies, Inc. “Our Fiber Base Unit offers a small footprint with significant flexibility and functionality to ensure repeater networks large or small can address wireless coverage system needs today and as they evolve in the future.”

Composed of individual modules with defined functionality – such as RF filtering, combining, remote control, alarming, optical interface and more – the FBU is configurable with up to six fiber optical nodes with optional wave division multiplexing (WDM). Designed for mounting in a 19-inch rack system, the unit features slot-in design for each module, providing for easy serviceability and reconfiguration. Powerwave’s FBU offers long-reach fiber optic distribution, and can manage up to 24 remote units per rack.

Powerwave’s FBU can be managed remotely through Powerwave’s Netway™ Vision – an SNMP-based platform that centrally monitors and manages critical network interconnected remote-controlled devices – and via a third-party SNMP-compliant NMS software package.

For more information about Powerwave’s Fiber Base Unit, please download the brochure at http://www.powerwave.com/brochures.asp, or for more information about Powerwave’s Coverage Systems solutions, please visit: http://www.powerwave.com/coveragesolutions.asp.

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