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Technology White Papers

4G Mobile Network

Milmex Systemy Komputerowe and Airspan Networks Partner for a 4G Mobile Network in Poland Network to Serve Urban and Underserved Regions of the Country

Aug 04, 2011

BOCA RATON, FL and SOSNOWEIC, POLAND, - Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of broadband wireless access networks, and Milmex Systemy Komputerowe, one of Poland's largest systems integrators, announced today the launch of a countrywide 4G mobile communications network incorporating Airspan's Air4G WiMAX/LTE cutting-edge technology. The total initial investment by Milmex, including Airspan infrastructure, is over $25 million for the first phase deployment of their network.

Airspan's Air4G base station delivers LTE and WiMAX functionality with the capability of running both platforms simultaneously. Milmex is combining Air4G with the latest and most robust core network products available to enable customers to enjoy true 4G broadband connectivity in urban and rural Polish regions alike.

Operating in the 3.5 GHz band, the solution is a fully compact, outdoor, all-in-one base station which allows for quick and easy deployment. Its low power consumption means a greener, more environmentally friendly operation. With lower capital and operating costs, Air4G enables Milmex to maximize its return on investment and achieve a faster market penetration rate, satisfying the growing demand for bandwidth across Poland.

"Milmex has been an ideal and visionary partner for this Poland deployment," commented Amit Ancikovsky, President, Sales and Products at Airspan Networks. "Poland faces many deployment challenges, but has been one of the faster growing broadband connectivity nations in Europe. The Polish population is constantly demanding newer, faster, more reliable connectivity. We are very proud of our growing relationship with Milmex and are looking forward to the continued deployment of this ambitious project."

Zbigniew Krzysko, President of the Board at Milmex Systemy Komputerowe, added, "We selected Airspan, a 4G equipment vendor that could provide not only the best 4G equipment and features but also the company with the strongest product roadmap, ensuring a reliable, robust and future-proof network."

Airspan provides a wide range of products operating in the 700 MHz band up to the 6 GHz band and combines multi-platform solutions including WiMAX, LTE, GSM and backhaul.

About Milmex

Milmex Systemy Komputerowe specializes in delivering comprehensive business solutions, which include access to the Internet, VoIP phone, ERP/CRM/BI class systems, integrated software, hardware, computer networks and consulting services and training. Milmex is one of the most significant information systems integrator in southern Poland. Established twenty years ago, the Company's local development of information technology, economical and political changes and good operating strategy have contributed to its fast growth and success.

About Airspan Networks Inc.

Airspan (pinksheets:AIRO) is a leading 4G wireless solution provider. With over 500 customers in over 100 countries and as a top vendor for carrier-class broadband wireless solutions, Airspan is recognized as a leader and pioneer in 4G and broadband wireless technologies. Providing an expansive product portfolio, Airspan offers customers the widest selection of 4G products in the industry with an unsurpassed level of technology to benefit their business case. Airspan has solutions spanning the 700 MHz to 6 GHz frequency bands. www.airspan.com




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