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AlphiMAX Inc.

Do you need to determine whether your wireless link would work given the specific locations you are trying to connect? How about knowing that without purchasing the equipment or climbing the tower? AlphiMAX’ Point-To-Point Estimator is a free web based tool that will enable you to compare manufacturers, simply and accurately, while

taking into account the terrain of your area, products’ performance and more. Ready? Add the locations and heights of your sites, hit estimate and off you go! How much? Free with your registration to our site. To read more and start your registration click here


RADWIN is a leading provider of wireless backhaul and broadband access solutions in the sub-6GHz space, empowering carriers and service providers around the world with the ability to connect subscribers everywhere. RADWIN also addresses the distinctive needs of private networks of all types, from small enterprises to large corporations,

government and municipalities, utility companies, educational and financial institutions.

UNISOL International Corp.

UNISOL International Corp. is a company incorporated in the State of Florida, USA. It is known for its focus in IP Networking Technologies and the Value Added provided to customers. Key alliances and partnerships have allowed the company to become an important distributor specialized in IP (Internet Protocol) networking technologies. The

company is respected and valued because of its knowledgeable professionals, customer service and efficient logistics. UNISOL has built its prestige through cutting edge technology that has motivated its stockholders to expand into new markets. There is a very important market in need of adopting the convergence into IP solutions specifically in the IT and Electronic Security Industries all over the continent.

Vecima Networks Inc.

Established in 1988, Vecima Networks Inc. is a recognized world leader in value and performance for WiMAX technology. Vecima’s VistaMAX family follows from a portfolio of successful wired and wireless products featuring QAM modulation, OFDM, DOCSIS® and advanced software for network management. Vecima’s equipment helps

Telecommunications companies, Wireless Internet Service Providers, and MSOs provide premium last-mile broadband connectivity. Vecima’s wireless products include base stations, subscriber stations, backhaul, and sophisticated network management tools in the 600 MHz – 5.8 GHz frequency ranges.

Winncom Technologies

Winncom Technologies backhaul solutions provide our customers versatility in regard to price, link distance, and speed. We tailor our backhaul product solutions to the specific needs of the client, therefore optimizing the ROI and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Winncom provides pre-sale consulting services to help the customer to make the most

effective choices for their particular project.

AlphiMAX Inc

Point-To-Point Estimatoris a free web based tool that will enable you to compare manufacturers, simply and accurately, while taking into account the terrain of your area, products’ performance and more."

BridgeWave Communications

BridgeWave Communications, Inc. is the leading supplier of wireless gigabit solutions.


Ceragon Networks Ltd. is a leading provider of high capacity wireless backhaul solutions. Ceragons focus on backhaul is a significant advantage as it serves all types of access technologies, and any type of network.

DragonWave Inc

DragonWaves wireless Ethernet solutions respond to the critical backhaul needs of WiMAX service providers by providing ultra low latency, native Ethernet, 800 Mbps wire speed product with the ability to rapidly and easily expand their geographic market coverage. This is done in common carrier licenses, saving expensive WiMax and 3G licenses for customer access

Exalt Solutions

Exalt, the leading innovator in next generation wireless backhaul solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide.

FiberTower Corp.

FiberTower provides mission and business critical transport solutions, including backhaul and premise access services, to major wireless carriers, enterprises and government agencies.


Firmly believing that the WiMAX Era is starting now, GigaCom developed a microwave link specifically designed to act as the ideal backhaul for the WiMAX: a carrier-class, native IP, full duplex 200 Mbps Fast Ethernet microwave link, which can support the total bandwidth needs of a full WiMAX Base Station.

Harris Stratex Networks

Complete wireless transmission solutions for access/backhaul, trunking, license-exempt and network management applications for all markets and regions.

Moonblink Communications

Moonblink Communications is a Value Added Distributor providing wireless solutions where VARs and Integrators are our central point. While you focus on growing your business, our technical experts help you find quality products from leading manufacturers at a competitive price. Serving as a one-stop-shop for all your wireless network needs, we help you build creative and cost-effective solutions that work for your network.

Motorola Wireless Broadband

Winncom Technologies is an International distributor of Broadband/WiFi/WiMAX and other networking equipment. Winncom is a one-stop source of equipment for all your wireless networking, voice, video, and data projects. Winncom business model allows developing integrated communication solutions for multiple vertical markets based on the extensive selection of radio equipment and accessories by leading industry manufacturers. Through a vast network of partners and resellers, Winncom offers products and access solutions by such industry leaders as Motorola, Proxim, Alvarion, Nomadix, Colubris, BridgeWave, Exalt, DragonWave, RAD, SkyPilot, ACTi and many others, provides qualified tech support and installation assistance services, designs wireless/wired point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems, holds certification trainings and educational seminars.

Redline Communications 

Redline Communications is the leading supplier of the worlds most advanced, performance-driven, scalable, and reliable fixed and mobile wireless broadband access and backhaul solutions.

Trango Broadband Wireless

Trango manufactures carrier-class high-capacity licensed microwave wireless backhaul solutions for WiMAX and mobile networks, including the TrangoLINK Giga which delivers up to 600+ Mbps (18 GHz) and TrangoLINK-45 delivers up to 45 Mbps (5 GHz unlicensed). More info at

Verso Technologies

Verso is a global technology provider of next generation network solutions offering a core-to-edge product portfolio for telecommunications service providers and enterprise organizations.

WiMAX Backhaul Solutions

Wireless Gigabit Solutions Premise Access Services Access/Backhaul Trunking
License-exempt Network Management Applications Next Generation Network Solutions

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