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WiMAX Test Tools on WiMAX Industry

Mobile Metrics Inc is a global company focused exclusively on wireless test systems with a significant emphasis on mobile WiMAX / 802.16e. Having released the industry’s first ASN-GW / CSN test system in 2006, the company now offers a complete range of solutions for testing all elements of the WiMAX network. It’s systems are used around the world by some of the world’s most well known companies during product development and test. In addition they’re used in certification labs, as well as by carriers to ensure that their networks are operating at the desired level of performance.
For 35 years, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has provided design and consulting services for the telecommunications industry. We cover a wide range of disciplines and client needs ranging from programming, DSP software, hardware production engineering to light manufacturing. BVS' inter-disciplined team thrives on technical challenges and works to find creative and sometimes novel solutions. We specialize in RF, video, audio, high-speed digital, analog and signal processing technologies with an emphasis on the unlicensed 802.11 Wi-Fi and WiMAX bands. Berkeley manufacturing methods are designed to control quality and fast turn-around for customers' products



Gator Stimulus Transmitter
Coyote Dual Modular Receiver
Forecaster GPS
Sieve RF Data Filtering
Yellowjacket 802.11b/a/g/h
Yellowjacket 802.11b/g
BumbleBee Handheld
Nectar Spectrum Analysis
Honeycomb RF

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SeaSolve Software Inc is a global provider of test, analysis and measurement solutions for emerging wireless technologies based on IEEE 802.11(WLAN), IEEE 802.15.4(WPAN), and IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) standards and protocols. Seasolve's solutions are used by test & certification houses, chip manufacturers, wireless equipment manufacturers, wireless labs and system integrators for the purpose of verifying and pre-certifying compliance to wireless networking industry standards, chip validation, interoperability testing and in design and R&D.




WiLANTA IQ Generator
WLAN ToolKit
ZigBee aCT
WiPAN ZigBee Toolkit
Fixed WiMAX BS & SS Tx
Fixed WiMAX BS & SS Rx
Mobile WiMAX BS & MS Tx
Mobile WiMAX BS & MS Rx

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