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TeleMedicine Billing Software & Solutions

WiMAX Industry features emerging technologies TeleMedicine and TeleHealth TeleMedicine Billing Software & Solutions. Top Billing Software firms dedicated to TeleMedicine, TeleHealth, TeleCare, Mobile Health and mHealth technologies. Follow the link below for 2014-2015 TeleMedicine and TeleHealth TeleMedicine Billing Software & Solutions. TeleMedicine Billing Software & Solutions >>

Radius Server and Billing Software

Aradial Technologies

Aradial provides and advanced convergent AAA and billing software for WiMAX operators offering all IP services. Aradial is compliant to Wimax forum standard for 16d and 16e and integrated with various ASN-gateways.

FTS – Billing and Customer Care’


FTS is a leading provider of billing, CRM and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers worldwide. FTS offers FTS express - a scalable and flexible billing and customer care system wrapped in an appliance for WiMAX, VoIP, ISP, broadband, multi-play, wireless, IPTV and more. FTS express is an all-in-one product

for online charging, billing, AAA, balance management, customer care, policy control and interconnect.


IntraISP is a comprehensive billing & business management portal for ISP, WISP, BPL, IPTV, Web Hosting, & VoIP providers.

Powercode Systems

Powercode Systems is dedicated to making your ISP business run smoothly. It can be hard to find powerful tools to manage your network. We have worked alongside ISP's and network administrators to make these tools just what you need. The primary goal of POWERCODE is to make your life easier. We know you will find these tools helpful. Here are some of the examples. ISP Billing, WISP Billing, CRM (Customer Relation Manager), Customer Portal, Infrastructure Management, Ticketing, Remote Management and Alerts, Installer Scheduling, Bandwidth Management, and many many more.

Rodopi Software

Rodopi OSS is a unified platform for billing and provisioning of bundled IP based services, fully integrated with standards compliant wireless third party hardware and software systems to provide an off-the-shelf, cost-effective business solution for WIMAX Wireless Broadband networks.

WiMAX Hosted Billing

WiMAX Billing Billing Servers Billing Management Web Hosted Billing

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WiMAX Equipment: WiMAX Antennas Base Stations Point-to-Point

Access PointsPoint-to-Multipoint Line-of-Site (LoS) Non-Line-of-Site (NLoS) Backhaul

Customer  Premise Equipment:  Indoor Outdoor Time-Frequency Solution

Network GatewayFull Duplex FDDHalf Duplex FDD             

Wireless Filtering Solutions:WiMAX Filters WiFi Filters Wireless Filters

Electronic Cooling Systems:Air Conditioners Heat Exchangers Filtered Fans

  WiMAX Solutions & Services: Integration Services Turnkey WiMAX Solutions

WiMAX Training: Instructor-led eLearning CDs/DVDs

WiMAX Test: Test Tools Analyzer Generator Monitor

WiMAX Billing: Billing Solutions

Wireless Networks: Metro Area Networks Campus LAN Network Design

Storage Access Disaster Recovery System Design


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