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Telemedicine Equipment and Devices


Telemedicine Devices, Equipment and Solutions 

Achieve your program requirements with pre-configured,  all-in-one telemedicine carts, configured with the medical devices, software and equipment that matches your specific needs. Capture, store and forward patient imaging data with quality video equipment and superior medical images for remote diagnostics and monitoringTelemedicine kiosks are bringing care to retail and remote locations and videoconferencing equipment is making the distance shorter between patients and the care they need. 



The Step-by-Step Guide for Securing a 3.65 GHz License
The new BreezeMAX® 3650 is FCC-certified, future-proof  with 802.16e Performance, and now shipping! Download the datasheet, as well as the step-by-step guide to obtain

a license to operate a wireless broadband network in the 3650-3700 MHz range of spectrum. Request the Step-by-Step Guide by clicking here. 

For information about the
highly modular and scalable BreezeMAX base stations, available in both micro and macro sizes to ensure maximum cost efficiency fill-out the form here and an Alvarion representative will contact you. Be sure to ask about the new Mobile WiMAX Tower only from Alvarion, and information about current projects which may qualify for USDA funding using the RUS-accepted Alvarion solutions.  Over $6.7 billion has already been distributed!

ARC Wireless Solutions

ARC Wireless

ARC Wireless Solutions develops and manufactures a wide range of standard and proprietary cost effective antenna products and solutions for wireless communications and networking applications, which are marketed internationally through our sales force, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and numerous distribution and reseller

channels. We strive to provide antenna products with the best price and performance in all of the markets we serve which include, to name a few, Wi-Fi®, WiMAX, cellular infrastructure, GPS, RFID, asset tracking, Homeland Security, etc. We welcome the opportunity to help you meet your wireless communication needs.

Berkeley Varitronics

For 35 years, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has provided design and consulting services for the telecommunications industry. We cover a wide range of disciplines and client needs ranging from programming, DSP software, hardware production engineering to light manufacturing. BVS' inter-disciplined team thrives on technical challenges and

works to find creative and sometimes novel solutions. We specialize in RF, video, audio, high-speed digital, analog and signal processing technologies with an emphasis on the unlicensed 802.11 Wi-Fi and WiMAX bands. Berkeley manufacturing methods are designed to control quality and fast turn-around for customers' products.

Pfannenberg, Inc.

Pfannenberg, Inc. is part of a global organization specializing in thermal management of electronic enclosures. We specialize in Filterfans, Cooling Units (Air Conditioners), Air Water Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Heaters, Hydrostats, and Thermostats for electronic cabinets. Our North American manufacturing and engineering facility is located near

Buffalo, New York. By providing proper thermal management for our customers, we provide the invaluable service of keeping your electronics from overheating – thus keeping your processes up and running on a consistent basis, avoiding costly down time. Pfannenberg develops and produces products which are specifically designed to save energy and other resources – providing “Safety for man, machine and the environment.”

Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, design, production, marketing and service of mobile communication antennas. It was founded in 1996 and located at the Torch High-Tech Development Zone in Zhongshan City . The main products include 450MHz, 800MHz CDMA base

station antennas, 900MHz antenna series, 806-960MHz bandwidth antenna series, Dual-band dual-polarized antennas, 1800 MHz base station antennas, 1900MHz base station antennas, PHS antennas, WCDMA/CDMA2000 antenna series, 1710-2170MHz multi band antenna series, TD-SCDMA/SCDMA smart antenna array,2.4/3.5/5.8G antenna series, indoor antennas and repeater antenna series, environmental decoration antennas and microwave components, Etc.

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. leads the wireless broadband industry for value, by producing high-performance wireless network equipment with a low cost of ownership and unparalleled service, allowing communities and businesses to communicate without boundaries. Within its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Tranzeo designs and

produces all of its equipment for quick installation, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Its three-year product warranty sets the industry standard for service. Since the company's inception in 2000, Tranzeo's optimum cost effectiveness, premium quality and responsive support have attracted a growing and devoted worldwide following of more than 2,465 dealers and 18 distributors. Tranzeo's full spectrum of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, WiMAX equipment, and mesh network solutions are designed for wireless internet service providers, governments, campuses, military, carriers, enterprise customers, and systems integrators around the globe. Robust solutions and first-rate OEM capabilities have resulted in remarkable growth in sales and market presence.

WLAN Mall, the experts in corporate connectivity, is proud to introduce Motorola’s Full line of wireless Point to Point Wimax backhauls. The Motorola PTP 300, 500 and 600 series of wireless bridges kits offer extremely low latency and up to 300Mbps of TCP throughput at a range up to 90 miles. Match its unparalleled performance with its

NLOS capabilities and the Motorola PTP 300, 500 and 600 series bridges are the perfect way to backhaul your users triple play (voice, video, data) Wimax traffic. Being a certified and authorized Motorola Fixed Wireless VAR, can help spec and design a cost effective, high performace backhaul to meet your needs…Wireless or wireline… We’ve got the solution for you.


Wavesat is a leading semiconductor developing 802.16d and 16e chipsets and solutions, enabling system manufacturers to be first to market with high performance and cost effective WiMAX Fixed and Mobile solutions.

Wavesat's award-winning and WiMAX Forum Certified™ WiMAX products support both base stations and subscriber units for licensed and license-exempt radio frequencies. Featuring the first WiMAX Mini-PCI card and chosen by manufacturers worldwide, Wavesat’s WiMAX portfolio provides advanced wireless connectivity for a wide range of network sizes and coverage from urban to rural applications.

Vecima Networks Inc.

Established in 1988, Vecima Networks Inc. is a recognized world leader in value and performance for WiMAX technology. Vecima’s VistaMAX family follows from a portfolio of successful wired and wireless products featuring QAM modulation, OFDM, DOCSIS® and advanced software for network management. Vecima’s equipment helps

Telecommunications companies, Wireless Internet Service Providers, and MSOs provide premium last-mile broadband connectivity. Vecima’s wireless products include base stations, subscriber stations, backhaul, and sophisticated network management tools in the 600 MHz – 5.8 GHz frequency ranges.

ZDA Communications

ZDA Communications US LLC is specializing in the design and manufacture of wireless communication antennas within the 144 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum.Our extensive range of antennas includes: Flat Panel, Sector Antennas, Ceiling Mount antennas, Yagi antennas, rubber duck antennas, Broadband and Ultra Wide Band Antennas for the

Wireless, Security and Civil markets. Standard antennas can be used for applications including: WiMAX, WLAN; Wi-Fi, Cellular Telecoms, RFID, GPS, Surveillance and Telemetry applications. Continuing roll out of new products with advanced technologies, and a dedication to expanding our existing range of antennas and of designing custom made solutions ensure ZDA Communications US LLC continue to provide high quality, cost effective antennas of outstanding performance.

Anatech Microwave

Anatech Microwave has responded to the many changes in the RF and Microwave marketplace. Their most recent products include diplexers, dual-band diplexers and bandpass filters for the wireless industry.

ET Industries

ET Industries is a high tech, leading edge company specializing in design, development and manufacture of the state-of-the-art radio and microwave frequency, narrowband and wideband subsystems and components.

Hopling Technologies

A global leader in wireless networking equipment for enterprises, operators and service providers, focused on bringing sophisticated wireless solutions to the public- and private-access market.


Marconi is a multi-regional designer, manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications and information technology equipment and services. Our network technology and services enable our customers to evolve narrowband networks to next-generation broadband networks. - your one-stop for everything a network opperator needs to start, build and opperate a wireless network. Mesh technology is the next step in wireless communications. It will allow customers to connect in most situations WITHOUT any additional customer hardware.


nex-G's focus is on developing and delivering an extensive range of broadband wireless solutions, enabling carrier class, mission-critical broadband wireless networks.


Pentair Electronic Packaging, a provider of standard and custom electronic enclosure solutions, partners with top manufacturers, including medical, security/military, datacom and telecom, and other Electronic OEMs.

Proxim Wireless

Proxim Wireless is a leader in core-to-client solutions for broadband wireless networks. Our systems enable a variety of wireless applications including security and surveillance systems, mobile workforce automation and machine-to-machine communications.

Sequans Communications

Sequans Communications is the industry leader in fixed and mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions based on IEEE standards, delivering unrivaled performance in coverage, capacity, functionality and power consumption.

Starmesh Technologies

StarMesh Technologies has world class telecommunications experience, offering wireless equipment and solutions to broadband service providers, enterprises and hot spot operators around the globe.


TimeMax synchronization sub-systems are designed to be integrated into existing communications and transmission equipment. TimeMAX is a flexible GPS-disciplined time and frequency platform optimized for WiMAX and other applications that require precise frequency or time.

Trimax Wireless

The Trimax 6000 Series is a six radio platform that supports WiMAX, WiFi, DECT and 3G technologies in the same device, opening new possible service offerings and business opportunities.

Vecima Networks

Vecima Networks (formerly VCom) designs, manufactures, and sells products for broadband access to cable, wireless and telephony networks. The hardware incorporates embedded software for digital networks.


Xilinx is a leading innovator of programmable logic solutions, supplying customers with "off-the-shelf" logic devices that customers can program to perform specific functions using the development tools we provide.