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IEEE 802.16 Patents - Via Licensing

Via Licensing Begins Process to Form Wireless Broadband Access Patent Licensing Pool

Call for essential patents will lead to joint licensing of patents to enable products utilizing the IEEE 802.16 standard

San Francisco, September 27, 2004—Via Licensing Corporation, in consultation with leading owners of critical intellectual property rights, is pleased to issue the following call for essential patents reading on the IEEE 802.16 standard.

Copies of the IEEE 802.16 standard (IEEE 802.16-2004 or IEEE p802.16 Rev(d) D5) can be obtained from the IEEE Standards Association online at

Devices that are compliant with the IEEE 802.16 standard are designed to provide wireless broadband access to remote networks and the Internet. IEEE 802.16–based devices include customer premise equipment that ranges from consumer-level gateways, similar to DSL and cable modem access, to equipment suited to commercial access with much higher data-transfer rates. IEEE 802.16–based devices also include carrier-installed equipment that provides access to the remote customer-premise devices.

To promote market growth and diversity by enabling many industry participants and to provide a reasonable return on patent owners' investments in developing new technologies, broad access to essential patents for open international standards is mandatory. Widespread adoption of the IEEE 802.16 standard by a wide range of device manufacturers will benefit consumers, manufacturers, and patent owners.

The goal of this call for patents is to identify the owners of patents that are essential necessary for the practice of the IEEE 802.16 standard. Essential patents are understood to be issued patents that have one or more claims that would necessarily be infringed by the implementation or use of the IEEE 802.16 standard. Patent owners are encouraged to submit patents for evaluation by November 19th, 2004, to ensure completion of the review prior to the initial meeting of the licensing committee.

Any entity that believes it has granted patents that are essential to the mandatory normative portions of the IEEE 802.16 standard, and that wishes to participate in a group consisting of essential patent holders that will convene to discuss the commercialization terms for patents essential to the IEEE 802.16 standard under fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory terms, is invited to contact Via Licensing Corporation for information about how to submit patents for evaluation.

Please request such information by sending an email to, specifying your interest in making a submission for consideration of essentiality to the IEEE 802.16 standard.

About Via Licensing Corporation
Via Licensing Corporation develops and administers patent licensing programs, or patent pools, on behalf of innovative technology companies and for the convenience of licensees. Via Licensing Corporation is a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, Inc., and benefits from the expertise, infrastructure, and strategic business relationships that Dolby has developed in more than 35 years of licensing into the consumer electronics and personal computing markets. Via Licensing is involved in the development and operation of licensing programs for both mandated and de facto or emerging standards. For more information about Via Licensing Corporation, please visit

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