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WiMAX Based Solutions - Redline


Family of base stations, subscriber units, backhaul and interfaces delivers best-of-breed access, backhaul and private network operation solutions

TORONTO, Ont. / WASHINGTON D.C. – April 18, 2005— Redline Communications, a leading provider of standards-based broadband wireless equipment, today launched its RedMAX family of IEEE 802.16-2004-compliant products, which it will present for WiMAX certification in July.

The new product family consists of the RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) – which will interoperate with any WiMAX-certified subscriber unit; RedMAX Subscriber Units – available in both outdoor (RedMAX SU-O) and indoor (RedMAX SU-I) versions; a RedMAX Backhaul solution – based on the AN-100U; and a feature-rich, reliable network management system – the RedMAX NMS.

In addition to upcoming WiMAX certification, the RedMAX Base Station, RedMAX SU-O and RedMAX SU-I are currently being field tested with other equipment manufacturers to ensure interoperability, and with Intel to fine-tune Redline’s subscriber units’ use of Intel® PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface to deliver cost-competitive units for general availability in Q4, 2005.

“With the announcement of the RedMAX family, a wide range of clients can be confident in their network designs and deployments, regardless of whether they need point-to-point or point-to-multipoint solutions, in urban or rural geographies, given the flexibility and range of our WiMAX-based portfolio,” said Majed Sifri, President and CEO, Redline Communications. “Inherent in this product launch are the high-quality manufacturing and excellent post-sales service and support that continues to delineate Redline from its competition.

“In addition, operators worldwide have recognized Redline’s ability to deliver high-availability backhaul links under extremely hostile wireless conditions and they are pleased that we are now pushing out our core products to deliver the benefits of our 3rd generation OFDM technology for their ‘last mile’ access networks,” he added.

“Redline’s selection of the Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 as a key component of its RedMAX family will provide this broadband wireless solution leader with the means to develop mass market CPEs and residential gateways,” said Scott Richardson, general manager of Intel’s Broadband Wireless Division.

RedMAX Base Station
Unique in its ability to serve as either a base station or a premium-grade subscriber unit, the RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) will interoperate with any WiMAX-certified subscriber unit, including the RedMAX SU-O and RedMAX SU-I subscriber units, to deliver point-to-multipoint enterprise access and residential/SOHO services. The RedMAX Base Station also delivers point-to-point backhaul services to the RedMAX Backhaul subscriber station (see RedMAX Backhaul, below).

This carrier-class, high-reliability base station features solid security features such as AES encryption and is field-upgradeable via a simple software download to accommodate future enhancements such as IPv6 support, additional classifiers, evolving AES standards and developments in the 802.16e (mobility) arena.

Like all of Redline’s 802.16-2004 products, the RedMAX Base Station is frequency agnostic, allowing operation in varied frequency bands, in response to specific market needs, thus eliminating the need for major hardware upgrades if customer requirements involving additional spectrum arise. Thus, the RedMAX Base Station provides a common platform that can comply with evolving 802.16 specifications.

RedMAX Subscriber Unit(s) and Interfaces
Designed to be interoperable with a host of emerging, WiMAX-certified base stations, including the RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U), the RedMAX Subscriber Unit (SU) is available as both an outdoor unit (RedMAX SU-O) and an indoor unit (RedMAX SU-I). Both units contain Intel’s PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface system on a chip, which sets the stage for a new and compelling phase of standardized broadband wireless solutions.

The rugged RedMAX SU-O’s low latency, dynamic QoS settings, and superior NLOS point-to-multipoint capabilities ensure reliable delivery of delay-sensitive services including circuit-switched voice traffic, VoIP and video traffic, as well as prioritized data. The unit is simple to install and features an integrated antenna, signal-strength indicator and a larger, optional external antenna to increase range and performance. Taking advantage of PMP delivery, the SU-I provides the following four interfaces: traditional Ethernet; Ethernet + TDM (E1/T1); Ethernet + POTS and Ethernet + VoIP. The same interfaces, with the exception of Ethernet + TDM (E1/T1), are also standard with the RedMAX SU-I.

The RedMAX SU-I also features a signal-strength indicator for easy installation, while providing SOHO businesses and residences with a higher throughput.

RedMAX Backhaul, Network Management
Redline’s RedMAX Backhaul solution (AN-100U) delivers robust, high-speed wireless backhaul connections and provides a platform for converged IP and voice services. The AN-100U is a premium-grade PTP system that carries multiple E1/T1 circuits and simultaneously delivers IP data and management traffic. The AN-100U eliminates the need for expensive wired infrastructure, making it ideal for ISPs and carriers who need reliable backhaul to support delivery of high-bandwidth applications including VoIP, data and video traffic. It can also be deployed as backhaul for WiFi networks, and for cellular/mobile communications applications.

Operators of BWA networks require a feature-rich, reliable management system that is highly-automated to support services for the network components, while facilitating a migration path to full integration with the larger network OSS (including service creation, alarm management, performance management and billing components). RedMAX NMS meets these strategic requirements for current 802.16-compliant products and for emerging, more robust BWA networks centered around emerging standards. It is designed to manage a hybrid network of pre-WiMAX Redline products, as well as RedMAX family products.

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