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ALTIUS Communications

Headquartered in Phoenix , MD, ALTIUS Communications was established in 2005 to support the rapidly growing Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) market. The company maintains a presence around the world through a network of customers and integrator partners. ALTIUS is best known for its end to end solutions for WiMAX and broadband

wireless in general. We carry Wave 2 compliant CPE’s including USB dongles and ODU’s.
ALTIUS has partnered with the best-of-breed manufacturers to provide the most innovative solutions available. ALTIUS serves public and private sector clients with Wireless Technology solutions and onsite professionals in support of the three main disciplines of broadband wireless; Last Mile Connectivity, Back Haul and Mesh Networks.

Asset Recovery

The Asset Recovery Center (ARC) in the business of remarketing surplus equipment, discontinued products, distressed inventories, and bankruptcy liquidations. ARC was established as an independent business in 1996 and maintains its headquarters in Connecticut. The majority of ARC's business has been within the Information

Technology and Telecommunications sectors. ARC processes several millions of dollars of inventory through their facility each month.

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas

Cobham Antenna Systems (Microwave Antennas) design and manufacture high specification directional, sector and omni antennas for defence, security, satellite and WiMAX applications, worldwide. The VECTOR series has been designed for WiMAX, WLAN and WiFi applications in the 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz frequency range. Gain for directional

antennas is up to 23dBi, for sectors up to 19dBi, and for omnis up to 11dBi. Robust and tested throughout manufacture, technical data is available on request and our catalogue may be downloaded from our website. European Antennas Ltd, trading as Cobham Antenna Systems (Microwave Antennas).

Lanbowan Communications Ltd

Lanbowan Communications Ltd are a professional communication antenna manufacturer in China. Our main products include 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz and 5GHz WiFi, WiMax communication antennas and accessories. Most of our products are exported to North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, South Africa etc.

Mars Antennas & RF Systems

MARS is an industry primary developer & manufacturer of a leading-edge antennas including Broadband Subscriber and Base Stations Antennas for WiMAX, Wi-Fi, WLAN and MIMO applications covering 300 MHz- 6.5 GHz bands, antennas for ISM & Special Applications, In-Building Antennas for Cellular Solutions, Embedded Antennas "tailored"

per device/application, Antennas for defense applications and RF PRODUCTS such as Wi-Fi Repeaters and In-Building Cellular Repeaters. MARS exerts to create an exceptional value for its customers by supplying high-end, excellent performance and price products. MARS offers a wide assortment of stand-alone and customized antennas along with the shortest lead-times and quick response to customer’s requests.

Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

Tongyu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, design, production, marketing and service of mobile communication antennas. It was founded in 1996 and located at the Torch High-Tech Development Zone in Zhongshan City . The main products include 450MHz, 800MHz CDMA base

station antennas, 900MHz antenna series, 806-960MHz bandwidth antenna series, Dual-band dual-polarized antennas, 1800 MHz base station antennas, 1900MHz base station antennas, PHS antennas, WCDMA/CDMA2000 antenna series, 1710-2170MHz multi band antenna series, TD-SCDMA/SCDMA smart antenna array,2.4/3.5/5.8G antenna series, indoor antennas and repeater antenna series, environmental decoration antennas and microwave components, Etc.

ZDA Communications

ZDA Communications US LLC is specializing in the design and manufacture of wireless communication antennas within the 144 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum.Our extensive range of antennas includes: Flat Panel, Sector Antennas, Ceiling Mount antennas, Yagi antennas, rubber duck antennas, Broadband and Ultra Wide Band Antennas for the

Wireless, Security and Civil markets. Standard antennas can be used for applications including: WiMAX, WLAN; Wi-Fi, Cellular Telecoms, RFID, GPS, Surveillance and Telemetry applications.

Continuing roll out of new products with advanced technologies, and a dedication to expanding our existing range of antennas and of designing custom made solutions ensure ZDA Communications US LLC continue to provide high quality, cost effective antennas of outstanding performance.

ARC Wireless

ARC Wireless Solutions develops and manufactures a wide range of standard and proprietary cost effective antenna products and solutions for wireless communications and networking applications, which are marketed internationally through our sales force, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and numerous distribution and reseller channels. We strive to provide antenna products with the best price and performance in all of the markets we serve which include, to name a few, Wi-Fi®, WiMAX, cellular infrastructure, GPS, RFID, asset tracking, Homeland Security, etc. We welcome the opportunity to help you meet your wireless communication needs.

Cushcraft Corporation

Cushcraft is a world leader in antennas for Wireless LAN, ISM band, and small cell applications; as well as RFID and Data Collection, Land Mobile Radio, Specialized Mobile Radio, Cellular, Security, Wireless MAN, etc.

Equinox RF Equipment

Equinox supplies OEM and Distributor companies with antenna systems and related accessories for wireless applications, manufacturing quality antennas, mounting hardware, and passive feeds.

Luxul Wireless

Luxul Wireless is a leading innovator of patented high-performance wireless signal booster and antenna technologies. Luxul’s X-WAV™ Antennas implement Circular Polarization, providing superior signal range and penetration with less outside interference. - your one-stop for everything a network opperator needs to start, build and operate a wireless network. Mesh technology is the next step in wireless communications. It will allow customers to connect in most situations WITHOUT any additional customer hardware.

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.

Develops and delivers industry-unique, flat panel & Military antenna solutions spanning the entire radio frequency range (2MHz-40GHz). We offer the most dynamic variety of off-the-shelf and customized high-performance antenna solutions available anywhere.

Netkrom Technologies Inc.

A designer, developer and manufacturer of communications equipment antennas and accessories for wireless networking in license free radio frequency bands, licensed Frequency Band, and Public Safety Band.

Special Systems and Technologies LLC

We are leading manufacturer in Ukraine which produce the WiMAX, Wi-Fi and DECT Antennas. You can see the full range of our antennas in our website.

Twin Antennas

BTS antenna for WiMAX, Vertical, Horizontal and Cross Polarizes. Also CP antenna along with enclosure is available with 18dBi and 23dBi.

WiMAX Antenna

WiMAX Antennas Mounting Hardware Passive Feeds Antenna Enclosure
Indoor Antennas Outdoor Antennas

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