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LTE Solutions Company

mimoOn GmbH joins the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)
mimoOn GmbH
May 24, 2010

Duisburg, Germany - mimoOn GmbH, a pioneer in LTE software
implementations for programmable Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms,
announces its membership of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) to
further deepen its network and visibility as a leading LTE solutions


The GSA's remit of strengthening the promotion of LTE and other 3GPP
standards, as well as bringing together the leaders in 4G technology, was
one of the major reasons behind mimoOn becoming a member. Commenting on
mimoOn's membership, Alan Hadden, President of the GSA said, "We welcome
mimoOn to the GSA, and look forward to their active involvement in helping
to strengthen the messaging and leadership for the roll-out of LTE".

According to Brian Robertson, VP Sales & Marketing of mimoOn, "Over the past
year, mimoOn has been announcing and delivering it's advanced software
solutions for the LTE ecosystem. The GSA seems an obvious forum for mimoOn
to share our knowledge, to learn from other members and to strengthen the
joint promotion of LTE technology. We hope to bring some new ideas and
thoughts to the GSA membership, and look forward to engaging in all

About mimoOn
mimoOn GmbH is the LTE pioneer in end-to-end software implementation and
system design on SDR platforms. The company's scalable and modular 3GPP LTE
infrastructure software families "mi!Infra(TM)", which includes
"mi!Femto(TM)" & "mi!Pico(TM)" and terminal software family "mi!Mobile(TM)"
allows equipment manufacturers to fully exploit the numerous benefits of
SDR. mimoOn's pre-certified Physical Layer (PHY) and Protocol Stack (MAC,
PDCP, RLC, and RRC) software packages assure fast time to market,
conformance to the latest release of the standards, ease of integration, and
design to the lowest BoM. Thanks to SDR, mimoOn's LTE hardware product
"mi!TestMOBILE(TM)" delivers an affordable, highly flexible, portable test
device enabling a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX for OEMs & network operators.

Due to the team's strong background from Tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers
and the company's ongoing research at leading-edge academic institutions,
mimoOn is able to provide highly innovative solutions to the cellular
industry. The company has been voted into EE Times annual list of Emerging
Startups and also listed as one of Germany's most promising High-Tech
companies. Visit www.mimoOn.de.

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