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WiMAX Gigabit Wireless Ethernet


Gigabit Wireless Ethernet Links from BridgeWave

BridgeWaves Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Fiber Extenders offer carrier-class performance to establish wireless Ethernet connections to centralized IT facilities, extend LAN backbones to remote buildings, connect buildings to metro fiber sites, or create redundant links for fiber and free-space optics.


Learn How to Save Time and Money
with E-Band Link Registration

E-band link registration is normally completed using an automated online registration database system. While this is fairly straight forward, links that cannot be registered through the automated system can still be registered through a manual process using FCC Form 601; however, this will require additional time and costs.

Learn more with E-Band Link Registration: A Lightweight Approach to Spectrum Licensing (PDF, 1.37 MB)


GE80/AR80 Gigabit Wireless Link
New E-Band Products Deliver 1 Gig Speed Over Longer Distances

BridgeWaves new AR80 & GE80 E-Band (80GHz) point-to-point wireless bridges provide reliable wireless connectivity up to 5 miles. The AR80 & GE80 high-capacity links are perfectly suited for applications such as inter-building LAN extensions, server centralization, remote data storage & backup, redundant fiber overlays, disaster recovery and backhaul.

Built upon BridgeWaves field proven 60 GHz product platform, the new unlicensed AR80 & GE80 wireless links offer 10 times the bandwidth of comparably-priced lower-frequency, licensed-band wireless links, while providing superior interference immunity and data security.

Take a closer look at some of the benefits of the new Bridgewave GigE wireless bridges:

  • Blazing wireless speed of 1 GHz with fiber-equivalent performance
  • Coverage up to five miles, depending on path and rain region
  • More reliable (99.999% uptime ) than comparable high-frequency alternatives such as Free-Space Optics
  • Highly-secure connection
  • Flexibility of unlicensed wireless broadband
  • AdaptRate technology automatically shifts data rates from full-duplex GigE to 100Mbps in downpours
  • Small form-factor, with easy-to-install and align one-foot antennas
  • Fast deployment: you can get a license and install a link the same day

Many diverse markets and applications can benefit from these new Gigabit Wireless Links. Users that need to move large volumes of data, rapidly and securely, are a great fit:

  • Health care: sending X-Rays and private patient data.
  • Finance and banking: moving large volumes of transational and customer data.
  • Manufacturing: drawings and other high-bandwidth information.
  • Printing: sending large files to printing locations.
  • Enterprises with campus environments: presentations, downloads and other large files.
  • Wireless carriers: backhauul needing carrier-grade performance

Unique Opportunity to Try and Buy BridgeWave
BridgeWave is so confident their products will work to specifications that they are offering a 30-day guarantee for a limited time. Call us at 1-800-305-9767 or e-mail us for more information.

Additional Products
Browse the complete line of Bridegwave products!

Technical Training & VAR Certification
BridgeWave provides comprehensive Technical Certification Training that upon successful completion of the one day course with a passing grade of the practical section and examination, the student will be certified on the BridgeWave products.

Become a BridgeWave Certified Technician and gain the following benefits:

  • Learn about the RF & Millimeter Wave technology and BridgeWave products
  • Gain tips on how to perform site surveys, install and support the products more efficiently
  • Install the product before performing the same tasks at a customers location
  • Training materials
  • Gain access to customer leads in the regional area, if company maintains good standing with distributor and BridgeWave
  • Access to Beta products when available
  • Access to early release software
  • Exclusive promotions & incentives provided to Certified VARs
  • Special logo and limited marketing support

To locate certification training courses in your area and sign up, call us at 1-800-472-7373.