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Security & Surveillance


Security & Surveillance: Going Wireless to Improve Effectiveness, Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

The events of 9/11, the Madrid and London bombings, and all their aftermaths have made security for organizations and enterprises worldwide a major priority.

More than ever, world events and organizational demands have hastened our search for better, more cost-effective security applications. In many instances, rapid deployment of security systems has become essential. As critical as improved security has become, budgets to accomplish this goal are by no means unlimited.

Video Surveillance
Institutions of all kinds – from public safety departments and state and local governments, to shopping centers, transportation providers, military bases and others – are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with additional cabling.

A Proxim Wireless security solution simply leaps over these barriers, allowing a virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras to be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In a new or expanded security system, high resolution, real-time video from each security camera is transmitted directly to a Proxim Wireless base station in your regional security center or onsite security office where the wireless network remotely controls the cameras.

Arming Police Officers with Information
When police officers respond to an emergency call, they begin with rudimentary data – mainly address – and speed to the location to gather more data and address the emergency. Volatile situations evolve quickly and the faster that disparate pieces of information (evidence, criminal records, APBs and Amber Alerts) can be synthesized, the more effective the field officers are. These information sources are currently fed to patrol cars, requiring manual connection from a parked car, and officers must either remain in the car or return to it in order to receive constantly updated information.

Rapidly evolving broadband wireless technology can now allow constant connectivity from patrol vehicles to headquarters as law enforcement officers drive across the city to investigate situations. Once on the scene, Wi-Fi technology allows officers to leave the patrol car and remain connected with special Wi-Fi personal communication devices. With a wireless MAN in place, officers are armed with even more information – by linking directly to real-time, networked sources of information in the vicinity. For example, an officer responding to a bank robbery in progress stays connected as he drives through the city, keeping full data connectivity. He then approaches the bank and links into the bank video monitors to see the crime status indoors – and can take a handheld device with him out of the car, linking to it with his Wi-Fi network in the trunk.

  • Eliminates the massive costs and delays of trenching for fiber
  • Quickly deployed and configured – operational within hours
  • Deploys virtually anywhere – rugged terrain, bodies of water, remote areas
  • Carrier-class 99.999% reliability ensures non-stop security
  • High 24MB capacity, configurable, bi-directional broadband wireless, secure, QoS
  • Enables real-time transmission from and control of surveillance cameras
  • Wi-Fi network allows remote and mobile monitoring (via PDAs, PCs, laptops, etc.) and increases ROI


  • Municipalities- Monitor traffic intersections for illegal activities and public safety; secure city parks and municipal buildings such as City Hall
  • Enterprises- Provide perimeter security for buildings; monitor inventory on warehouse loading docks
  • Shopping Malls- Provide customer security in parking lots
  • Transportation- Secure dams, bridges, highways and tunnels
  • University Campuses- Monitor walkways for student protection
  • K-12 Schools- Protect children from intruders
  • Military- Enhance security around military installations

Proxim Wireless Products for Security and Surveillance

  • Tsunami™ MP.11
  • Tsunami™ MP.11 5012
  • Tsunami™ MP.16
  • MeshMAX™
  • ORiNOCO® Wi-Fi Mesh
  • ORiNOCO® Public Safety Wi-Fi Mesh
  • ProximVision™ Network Management System

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