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WiMAX, WiFi & Wireless Broadband Planning, Troubleshooting & Operations

Training Course Outline

Course Duration:
3 days

Training Course Description:
This 3-day course is designed as an introduction to the planning, trouble shooting and operation of a WiMAX network. The course will introduce the concepts of network planning with the use of the Planet EV for WiMAX planning tool, plus it will cover possible routes for troubleshooting and operating typically networks. It will be assumed that the delegate will already have knowledge of or does not need specific knowledge of the technologies involved in WiMAX or WiFi procedures and concentrates on the planning and operation of the network itself.

Who should attend?

Engineers, network planners, and support staff, with a basic understanding of cellular or RF mobile networks. Plus basic WiMAX and WiFi technologies.

Delegates should have a basic understanding of RF mobile networks, and also exposure to WiMAX and/or WiFi technology.

Prerequisite courses:
GSM Radio Principles Explained
Understanding WiMAX Wireless
Understanding Wireless LANs

WiMAX, WiFi & Wireless Broadband Planning, Troubleshooting & Operations includes the following modules:
  • High Speed Wireless Data: Standards and proprietary solutions
  • Fixed networks
  • Nomadic networks
  • Mobile networks
  • Standards based solutions
  • Proprietary solutions
  • 802.11 IEEE standards
  • 802.16 IEEE standards
  • 10-66 GHz Technical standards
  • 2-11 GHz standards
  • Overview of 802.20 standard

Basic Radio & RF concepts

  • RF Energy
  • RF generation & transmission
  • Oscillators
  • Power amplifiers
  • Antennas & feedlines
  • RF reception
  • Modulation of RF signals
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Frequency modulation
  • Complex modulation
  • Duplexing
  • FDD
  • TDD
  • Multiple access techniques
  • Spread-spectrum modulation
  • OFDM
  • Ultra Wideband

Propagation, path loss, fading and link budgets

  • Path loss and system coverage
  • Frequency reuse

Propagation modelling & measuring

  • Predictive modelling tools (Planet EV for WiMAX
  • Spreadsheet models
  • Terrain-based models
  • Effectively using a propagation analysis program
  • Using predictive modelling
  • The comprehensive site survey process
  • Determination of antenna locations
  • RF site survey tools
  • The site survey checklist
  • Data analysis

System planning

  • System design overview
  • System selection based on user needs
  • Identification of equipment requirements
  • Identification of locations
  • Channel allocation, signal to interference and reuse planning
  • Network interconnect and point-to-point radio solutions
  • Costs
  • The five C’s of system planning

System implementation, testing and optimisation

  • Real world design examples
  • Local coffee house
  • Office LAN deployment
  • 2.4GHz RF coverage results
  • 5.6GHz RF coverage results
  • Capacity requirements
  • System design analysis
  • Community WISP
  • A Garden style apartment complex
  • RF considerations
  • Backhaul
  • Weatherproofing
  • Grounding & lighting protection
  • A small area subdivision
  • Equipment selection
  • Spectrum issues
  • An urban or suburban area serving business users
  • Design considerations
  • A small town system for consumer & business users
  • Mobile broadband network
  • Initial modelling
  • Preliminary information
  • Coverage modelling
  • Capacity modelling
  • Cost modelling
  • Designing in the Real world

Back Office System requirements

  • Network systems required
  • Customer authorisation system
  • Billing data collection
  • Network monitoring and control
  • Billing systems
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Customer service systems
  • Design considerations & requirements

Network performance, testing and troubleshooting

  • Low RSSI & noise levels in a single area
  • High noise or interference levels
  • Throughput problems unrelated to signal or noise
  • Repeater mode
  • Multiple channel reuse in a close area
  • Near/far problems
  • Client card “Roam”
  • Viruses & Trojans
  • Troubleshooting summary



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