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Wi-Fi Interference Analysis


BumbleBee Public Safety Band Spectrum Analyzer

BumbleBee™ is a precision calibrated spectrum analyzer that interfaces with HP’s iPAQ® PocketPC®. The handheld receiver measures combinations of distinct wireless bands in three different models: 2.4 GHz, 4.9 Ghz and even 5.8 GHz. BumbleBee™ allows the user to capture, display and record each of these bands for network installation, coverage and interference analysis. The iPAQ’s touch screen allows field engineers to tap on points of interest in the waveform and “zoom” in for further analysis. Advanced spectrum analysis features include 3 waveform traces, peak hold, peak search, and user selectable power triggers. Bumble Bee™ allows for on-the-fly switching of bands for realtime spectral analysis of many wireless standards including 802.11(b,a,g & Bluetooth), cordless phones/video & public safety data networks. Bumble Bee™ does the job of multiple wireless test instruments all in the palm of your hand.

BumbleBee Interference Examples

Download BumbleBee (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz model) data sheet
Download BumbleBee RF interference example sheet
Download BumbleBee manual from the Technical Support section
Download BumbleBee related articles

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  • 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz Spectrum Analysis
  • HP iPAQ PocketPC Interface
  • 3 Waveform Traces
  • Peak / Hold Search
  • User Selectable Power Triggers
  • Waveform JPEG Snapshots
  • Optional Directional Antennae for 2.4 GHz or 4.9 GHz Frequencies
  • Optional Coverage Mapping/Interference Software Packages Available

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Frequency Standards: ISM Band (802.11/802.11b/g standard)
Public Safety Band
U-NII (802.11a standard)
Span 50 kHz - 800 MHz
Resolution Bandwidth 50 kHz - 1 MHz (50, 100, 300, 500, 1 MHz)
automatic 802.11 preset bandwidths
Video Bandwidth (smoothing) 100 kHz - 1 MHz (50 kHz steps)
Screen Averaging 1 - 100 averages
Reference Stability + 2.5 PPM
Sweep Time 800 mSec (20 MHz span, 50 kHz resolution bandwidth)
Average Noise Floor (no input) < -100 dBm (reference level -70 dBm)
Dynamic Range > 40 dB
Level Accuracy + 1.5 dB (25 deg. C)
Max Input (safe) + 0 dBm
Max Input (no saturation) -20 dB
Reference Level -20 to -70 dBm (10 dB steps)
Number of traces 3 colors
Trace settings Peak hold, screen average
Marker functions Peak search, center frequency, left, right, delta
screen shots saved to .jpg file
Display (iPAQ) see HX4700 or HX2700 specifications
Operating system (iPAQ) Windows Mobile 5.0
Auto or Manual: Trigger analyzer when input power meets or exceeds threshold (20 MHz span)
Packet/Interference trigger
Trigger threshold user selectable in dBm
Trigger delay user selectable in nanoseconds
Input Connector SMA Female, 50 ohm
Internal Battery (4 AA Ni-MH), AC or DC
Run Time (internal battery) >3 hours
Charge Time < 1 hour
Weight 1 lb.
Dimensions 6" x 4" x 8"
BumbleBee accessories: Directional Antenna, 900 MHz Antenna, 2400 MHz Antenna, 5 GHz Antenna, 12v Car Adapter
HX4700 or HX2700 series iPAQ  
12V car adapter  
2400 Directional Antenna  
5 Directional Antenna  

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  • 2.400-2.500 GHz
  • 4.940-4.990 GHz
  • 5.150-5.500 GHz
  • 5.500-5.900 GHz

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The BumbleBee is a software application for PocketPC that displays, records and logs all WLAN data received by the BumbleBee on the iPAQ PocketPC PDA. The software allows complete control of the BumbleBee spectrum analyzer. Data can be saved on the iPAQ for later conversion.


Optional BumbleBee-EX PC Software for Desktop Playback



2.4 GHz Directional Corner Reflector

9 dBi gain

5 GHz Directional Corner Reflector

9 dBi gain

Honeycomb Interference Analysis PC Software

Nectar Spectrum Analysis PC Software

Pollenator shown with BumbleBee receiver

(included in Nectar software option)

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Does the BumbleBee do both 802.11b and 802.11g studies?

BumbleBee does not demodulate packets but instead scans and displays all RF energy from various popular bands including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

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